{ happy birthday, nichole! sorry we suck omg 

   Sup Nichole, this is Carol and Heidi AKA 2/3 of the OT3. It’s been nearly two whole years since we’ve known each other; you know an internet friendship is close-knit and special when it survives such a long time. We’ve made so many memories together, mostly dumb ones, but they are still nice to remember - hopefully we’ll create even more in the future. We offer you this modest gift as a celebration of your birthday; it’s a little bit late but it was made with love and dumb which practically sums up our friendship. We wish you, our precious Nichole who’s probably ten times more productive than the two of us put together, a very very happy birthday, year, and life.

   THIS IS LAME BUT we love you a lot and you should know that even though we’re stupid we are there for you and support you no matter what.

特技は部屋の片付け by ちろる on pixiv

Title: Kimi no Kirei ni Kizuite Okure
Artist: Sambomaster
Album: Single
Plays: 11239

Woohyun + cardigans

orange caramel’s food inspired outfits for anonymous
What If Infinite Were YouTubers?
Inspired by: x / x / x